Sewanee Classifieds

There is a new procedure to join Sewanee Classifieds. This information will be updated soon.



Sewanee Classifieds is an email based subscription service that is open to all community members. There are two email distribution lists – Sewanee Classifieds+Announcements ($10 yearly subscription) and Announcements Only (free). Both email lists include announcements. Announcements are messages such as police postings, weather updates, etc.

To join, navigate to the Sewanee Civic Communications groupspaces webpage and follow the two-step process:

After payment is received and the Director of Classifieds approves your application, a welcome letter will be emailed with further instructions on how to post to Classifieds.

*To edit membership, change your email address, change from Classifieds to Announcements Only, or permanently delete your account, you will need your log-in, which is the password created when joining the group. You may also opt to receive a “daily digest” of all classifieds emails (one email per day containing all of that day’s messages in it) or to “Never Receive E-mails” if you desire to take a break from the numerous daily messages. 

Thank you for supporting the Sewanee Classifieds and the Sewanee Civic Association.


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